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Brainwavz B400 review

The Brainwavz came onto my radar through the year 2018. Reports via word of mouth and reviews from some of the more critical minded reviewers were glowing. like a couple of other earphones that appeared this year I had to try them out for myself and see what all the excitement was about.

Its a great time for fans of portable audio gear as the quality keeps going up and in some cases the prices appear just right. One can build up a decent rig these days of (decent)phone/earphone, dap/earphone/headphone or phone/dac/earphone at a reasonable price and still get a wonderful result.

Brainwavz had earlier sent two of their Hangers for headphones to Head pie and they have proven to be very useful. The Hengja being my favorite of the two sent.


I like simple packaging

Inside the white slip cover was a black box and inside was a splash of color

Earphones, case, cables and accessories galore!

Two cables. Very spoiled and lucky. 
One with an inline mic for those busy chat on the go types and one without.


MMCX 3.5mm cable with In-Line Microphone and Remote.
MMCX 3.5mm Cable
Earphone Hard case
6x Sets of Silicone Ear Tips (S M L)
Set of Comply™ Foam Tips T-100
Shirt Clip
Velcro Cable Tie
Instruction Manual & Warranty Card (24 month warranty)

The case is study and has a hard shell. 


  1. Drivers : Quad Balanced Armature
  2. Rated Impedance : 30Ω
  3. Frequency Range : 10 Hz - 40 kHz
  4. Sensitivity : 115dB
  5. Cable : Detachable
  6. Cable Connector : MMCX
  7. Plug : 3.5 mm, Gold plated

The build

"The main shells are printed using state-of-the-art liquid Resin 3D printers, enabling a shape not possible by normal manufacturing methods."

The B400 have 4 Balanced Armature drivers.

A range of colors are available.


Ranging from US$175 - $200.

Available on the Brainwavz store or Amazon


The B400 have proved to be a popular fan choice for many users.

An easy fit combined with a regular price and easy fit cable make these a great on the go earphone.

The build seems fine, but I have not put it through much punishment. But I would expect one has to be a bit careful with them.

Its a fairly fast earphone, Bass is moderate.

Mids are fairly tame and seem to have impact in the lower mids than the higher mids.

The treble seems designed to add a bit of detail, but does not seem to reach into sibilant areas, it does not possess that extreme top end shimmer and shine and is rather neutral with it. Yet extends far enough to wake on up. Such as the opening of The Chemical Brothers `The Sunshine Underground` which also demonstrates its adequate but not over blown bass.

Sound stage is from medium to large but not expansive in all directions.
Width is very wide, and depth medium, height is medium. Vocals are centered nicely within in the middle of the imagined sphere of my skull.

Separation is good. I can pick out the placement of instruments well.

Isolation is top notch with the right tips, I did not hear my son return home downstairs, nor could I hear him speaking up close to me (of course after wards I removed the earphones to hear about his day).

The B400 is a crowd favorite for many users. It took me a while to find the right set of tips to give it the balance, cohesiveness, isolation and appropriate highs.

The fit is easy as it is on the smaller end of IEM shells.

It is a fairly smooth IEM that is in a competitive price point with many choices of IEMs in the same $200 price area. Quite pleasing to my ears with casual listening.

B400 a smooth all rounder, a winner in the price bracket.

Thank you to Brainwavz for sending Head pie the B400 for review.

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