Kinera Seed Yin Review - Reap and Sow
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Unboxing pics pron. HP V1 Anti EMF/RF sticker set.

First impressions:

Shozy Alien + and Campfire Audio Andromeda.

FLAC 16/44.

Alien+ volume matched with the same Alien+ using a  spl meter before and after. No A/B-ing as I forgot the alphabet song.

Sound stage - Like being on and off stage, exit stage right

Separation - Keep em separated.

Bass - Gotta get that Boom, boom, boom.

Mids - cupcake-ish, slightly mushier

Highs - Drugs are bad,


Timbre - Timberrrrrr!

Layering - Didnt put any stickers on top of any for double magical power.

Overall - A worthy investment. I encourage all to send Head pie #itsnot me your money immediately.

V2 coming soon!

Campfire Audio Comet, iBasso DX200 with Amp 4, iBasso CA02 4.4mm to 2.5mm adapter and iBasso CB13 cable.

Sounds stunningly synergistic.