Reaching over 225 hours now.

After about 200+ hours the bass suddenly drastically tamed (more so than at 150 hours), and was less boomy than earlier, more controlled and the decay is much faster. 

Still ample enough bass, but not the defining feature as at first listen. Refined.

Using the upgrade cable, but I did first test it at about 150 hours with the upgrade cable and took some notes and then put it on the burn in.

Going to go back to the stock cable tomorrow and recheck my findings.

200+ certainly seems to find the sweet spot.

DX150 specifications:

OS: Android 6.0
CPU: 64bit 8 Cores A53
Rom: 32G eMMC
DAC: Dual AK4490EQ
Sample Rate: PCM:8kHz-384kHz(8/16/24/32bits) native DSD:DSD64/128/256
USB DAC Function: XMOS XU208, Thesycon USB driver.
WiFi/Bluetooth: 802.11(b/g/n/ac)(2.4Ghz/5Ghz),Bluetooth4.1.
Battery: 3.8V 4400mAh Li-polymer battery provided by MBELL.
Quick Charge: PD2.0, compatible with QC2.0.
Size: 128.5mm*69mm*19.5mm
Weight: 245g

Play time: approximately 10.5 hours when used with the DX150. This depends upon the resolution and current draw of monitors used. With higher resolution more CPU is used so the play time decreases. This is also true with higher demand monitors with more current draw.

AMP6 specifications and measurements with the DX150:

Specifications: (Measured with AMP6)

2.5mm Balanced Output:

Output Voltage: 4.8Vrms(without load) 3.7Vrms(32Ω load), 425mW THD+N<0.001%)

Frequency Response:10Hz-40KHz +/-0.5dB

THD+N:0.00028%,-111dB (without load @2.4Vrms)
0.00032%,-110dB (32Ω load @2.4Vrms)

Dynamic Range:118dB



3.5mm Single Ended Output:

Output Voltage:2.4Vrms(without load)
2.4Vrms(32Ω load), 185mW THD+N<0.001%)
Frequency Response:10Hz-40KHz +/-0.5dB

THD+N:0.0004%,-108dB (without load @1.2Vrms)
0.0004%,-108dB (32Ω load @1.2Vrms)

Dynamic Range:117dB
Line out:
Output Voltage:2.4Vrms
Frequency Response:10Hz-40KHz +/-0.5dB
THD+N:0.0004%,-108dB (without load @1.5Vrms)
Dynamic Range :118dB
Average Play Time: 10.5 hours with the DX150

The play time varies with different sample rate/bit rates, and headphone/IEM load.

Price: US$499